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March 2016

5 Benefits of a Staycation

5 Benefits of a StaycationThe economic recession has surely taken a toll on the lifestyles of many individuals these days, and you’d still like to spend some time away from the headaches of your occupation. On the other hand, you really do not need to leave the country just to have some leisure and enjoyment. As a matter of fact, you can still stay home and have the time of your life.

This is something which has come to be known as a staycation. It has already been accepted as an approved word as of the 2009 edition of ther Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, and has certainly led numerous people to have a small amount of fun without needing to travel outside their locale. Below are 5 notable benefits of staycations:

1. You no longer need to cope with the misfortunes of traveling. Some of the most common occurrences when traveling abroad would be the spoiling of food you have brought along with you, lost luggage and stolen goods. With staycations, you simply do not have to be concerned about anything going wrong and maintain control of your situation.

2. You will not get to cope with long waiting lines. If you’re eager to make a journey to Universal Studios Florida, you will be bound to experience long queues, undoubtedly. On the other hand, with staycations you can just have fun with your family and friends in your locale and try out all types of activities without spending a huge amount of time waiting within line.

3. You do not get to play a part to the ruin of the environment. Traveling by air or by train can definitely take a toll on our eco-system, most especially with the use of fossil fuels. you can simply have a lot of fun without harming the environment.

4. Fewer headaches are to be experienced. Factoring in the number one benefit cited above, you will not need to cope with the stress accompanying such situations. If you are truly stressed out from work and other matters, staying at home can get you the relaxation you’ll need and you are not even spending any money at all. Traveling can be quite daunting for some individuals, and staycations are definitely a welcome change.

5. Obviously, the finest benefit of all when it comes to staying home throughout your vacation is that you do not get to spend money at all. Traveling to another country and visiting malls and boutiques can lead to quite a lot of headaches, most especially after you have realized just how much money you’ve spent. Without additional expenses, you’re simply living a life of luxury and peace.

Restaurants That You Must Try in Brixham

Quayside RestaurantIf you are planning a getaway to the English Riviera, you must first find the perfect Brixham holiday cottages which will fit you preferences and needs. Brixham holiday cottages are luxurious, clean, comfortable and spacious so these are ideal accommodation during your holidays. Brixham has a lot to offer its visitors aside from its pristine beaches and many of them are near the comfortable Brixham holiday cottages. There are natural parks and gardens, adventure centres, historic sites, restaurants and so much more. You can expect to get some of the best food here at Brixham or get the chance to get a good suntan when you visit the beaches or else step back into the past with a visit to the museum. A visit to the many restaurants would be a good way to end your day of sightseeing or adventure hopping in Brixham. Here are some restaurants that you must sample during your holidays and they are very accessible if you are staying at the luxurious Brixham holiday cottages.

Quayside Restaurant

If you are looking forward to enjoying a delicious perfectly cooked meal at a popular restaurant after a day of touring the attractions of Brixham, you must go to the Quayside restaurant. This restaurant is located near many Brixham holiday cottages.

Satisfy your yearning for delicious seafood by going to Quayside Restaurant, an AA Rosette restaurant that is popular in Brixham. You can choose the special of the day which uses only the freshest meat and local ingredients. You can get a good recommendation from the well-informed staff who make sure that their guests always have a good time when visiting the restaurant. You get a perfect view of the beautiful seaside harbour too while dining. You will have a relaxing time with its warm interiors. Make sure that you spare some time to visit the Quayside restaurant while you are staying at the comfortable Brixham holiday cottages. Whether it is a romantic dinner with your partner or a fun family dinner, you are sure to enjoy the restaurant.

Beamers Restaurant

Beamers Restaurant is beautifully located right in the middle of the Brixham harbour and just a few minutes away from the upscale Brixham holiday cottages. You can get the best and most delectable seafood dishes at this restaurant as they are all prepared using the fresh catch of the day. Chef Simone makes sure that all the food that goes out of his kitchen is delicious and prepared with great care and passion. Aside from the seafood dishes, you can also get great steaks here, All cooked to perfection. You get large portions which are more than worth the price plus excellent service from their friendly and well-informed staff. The calming nautical atmosphere makes this a great place to hang out in. If you are staying at the prestigious Brixham holiday cottages, visit the Beamers Restaurant together with your family and have an excellent meal here.

Situated in Torbay, the fishing town of Brixham is a charming destination for the traditional family holiday. This historic and quaint port sways many to choose Brixham holidays every year – the town’s sloping cobbled streets and traditional seaside shops create a laidback atmosphere, making Brixham holiday cottages perfect for a family getaway.

Enjoy the Best Cuisine and Torquay Family Attractions

Torquay Family AttractionsIf you are staying at one of the popular holiday cottages, you know you are getting the best accommodations possible when you go to Torquay during your holidays. The holiday cottages are near the best Torquay family attractions which will give you a fun-filled and exciting vacation. You can find a lot of Torquay family attractions that you must go to especially when you are together with your family. After going around the different Torquay family attractions, you must also try the different cuisines that are near the holiday cottages. Here are some of them.

Bianco’s Ristorante Italiano

Bianco’s Ristorante Italiano is a great place to go together with your family as you immediately get that warm welcome from Mauro, the owner as soon as you enter. After a tour of the many Torquay family attractions, make sure that you relax and have a great meal at the comfortable ambiance of the restaurant. This place also makes a great venue for birthdays or other special events. The restaurant’s well-trained chef makes sure that only the finest ingredients are used and that all dishes are cooked to perfection. The popular dishes that patrons of the restaurant recommend include the Crespell Al Forno (Italian pancakes with fresh spinach, nutmeg, ricotta cheese topped with melted cheese and béchamel), Lasagne Verdi (green pasta with Bolognese sauce, melted cheese and béchamel) and Cappelletti ai Porcini (fresh pasta filled with wild mushroom and served in a cream sauce of porcini mushrooms & truffles). The restaurant is open for dinner every day from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and it is highly recommended that you make reservations.

The Elephant Brasserie

The Elephant Brasserie is one of the restaurants you can try out after you go sightseeing at the Torquay family attractions that you have included in your itinerary. You can have both lunch and dinner here at this restaurant from Tuesday to Saturday. For starters, you can order the deli platter (cured meat and vegetables), warm asparagus salad with crispy fried bacon and chopped eggs and classic moules mariniere. You must also try out the Cornish sea bass with pancetta, potatoes, wild garlic pesto and spinach or else try the fillet steak with summer vegetables and potato gratin. The lunch set menu is something you can try that is filling and delectable at the same time. The restaurant offers special children’s meals too.

The Room

The Room is a restaurant that has a combination of delicious food and a fine dining ambiance. You must take some time off from exploring the Torquay holiday cottages and have a delicious meal at this restaurant with the whole family. The highly recommended dishes for starters are the Paignton crab in chive mayonnaise with fennel and watermelon or hand-dived bay scallops with lemon and cabbage. You can also order the following for your main course: rump of Cornish lamb with roasted artichoke, summer peas and thyme jus or roasted halibut with celeriac, lobster royale and lemongrass cream. There is also an extensive wine list that you can choose from which includes white, rose and red wines. Making a reservation is highly advisable.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Krabi

Honeymoon in KrabiPlanning your honeymoon can be a difficult process; deciding where you wish to go, what your budget is, what you are going to do and where you are going to stay. Believe it or not, some couples end up giving up and not organizing one. That, believe me, is a very bad idea. If you are one of the beliefs or one who simply decides to get married, the honeymoon is one of the best experiences during the process of tying the knot with your partner.

Krabi is one of the provinces of Thailand on the Shore of Andaman Sea. It is not very popular amongst tourists despite being a very beautiful place with a large range of activities suitable for all age groups. Therefore, in our opinion, Krabi is a perfect destination for a honeymoon with a large number of hotels where you and you are significant other could stay, activities to carry out on your honeymoon and places to see

Firstly, you need to book yourself a ferry from Phi Phi to Krabi, and a ferry from Krabi to Phi Phi, the ticket can be bought through online.

5 best hotels/resorts available in Krabi

1. Krabi Heritage Hotel: two swimming pools, free WiFi, fitness center and massage service available.

2. Golden Beach Resort: two swimming pools, hot tub, free WiFi, garden and massage service available.

3. Krabi Resort: Water sports, two swimming pools, massage service, garden, private beach and the fitness center.

4. Peace Laguna Resort: Games room, sauna, garden, fitness center, kids club, massage service, steam room, spa, two swimming pools, free WiFi.

5. Ao Nang Beach Resort: two swimming pools, free WiFi, massage service, and garden.

When you finally choose one hotel or resort to stay in, there is the issue of planning the activities you and your significant other will engage in. Here is a list of activities you can do in Krabi;

1. Climb the Railay Beach viewpoint for fantastic sightseeing, the perfect activity for the day if you like to go hiking and seeing beautiful landscapes, very good activity for photographers.

2. Go to the Railay Beach and relax! Nothing better than to sit back, look at the crystal clear water and getting lost in your own thoughts.

3. Go on the Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail. Do you like nature? If the answer is yes, the nature trail is perfect for you. If you are a photographer, even better!

4. Go to the Krabi Night market, it is full of gorgeous little items you could buy for yourself or a loved one as a memento.

5. Go to the Pranang Cave; a perfect activity for those who love to look at geographical sites, the cave is a beautiful place.

6. Go on a boat tour!

7. Go Kayaking!

8. Go scuba diving!

9. Visit WatKaewKoWararam

10. See the Catfish farm.